Warning for IE Users; Microsoft Advices to Install Software to Avoid Remote Code Execution

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The bug consists of memory problems. Explained more in details, IE manages the memory of the computer while processing Cascade Style Sheets – this is a really great technology that defines the look of the webpages.

Web criminals can easily exploit the memory management of Internet Explorer and inject their own code into the stream. This, as you can guess, can lead to fatal consequences. Microsoft also recommends using protection software like Enhanced Mitigation Toolkit.

IE Users

If you are using XP, then you might have to update the version of your OS because the toolkit might not install if you are using an older service pack. However, you should bear in mind that some of the protective features implemented in Windows XP and 7 will not be available for XP.

According to one of the latest announcements of Microsoft there is no official data on any attacks by hackers who are taking advantage of this vulnerability.

“There have been lots of vulnerabilities during the years, but this one is extremely dangerous because it allows remote code execution. This means that lots of hackers can run malware programs directly on your computer” stated mr. Ferguson – Trend Micro’s senior security analyst.

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