Online Collaboration Tools for Business Communication

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Running a small to medium business requires not only well-coordinated working environment but also lots of experience. You can easily take advantage of the online collaboration tools that will allow smooth operations in the area of your business and all that with the help of Internet. Improve the performance of your business with these tools or online collaboration software at your fingertips.

Online Collaboration Tools

1.  Google Apps

One of the best collaboration tools suitable for small business is Google Apps. Many people recommend the free version of Google Apps. Thanks to this software you will be able to utilize an email account with free storage of 7GB which is more than enough for beginning, you will also have access to document sharing, sharable calendars, various editing tools and many other services that you will sooner or later find useful.

Of course those tools are really popular and most of them are available on other platforms such as Basecamp, but Google Apps just offers better performance, user-interface and bigger free storage. As a whole the mail is still the most important collaboration tool that a person has to use.

2.  HyperOffice

Another great idea for small to medium sized business, HyperOffice is a hybrid of Microsoft and IBM tools. All those small companies that lack IT department can have lots of benefits from HyperOffice. There are different walkthrough sessions that a person can use.

Positive feature of HyperOffice is that it can be accessed via Web browser. Thanks to this lots of office staff can be done on the go – messaging, file sharing, contact management, project coordination. All those great features can be yours for only 50$ per month. This includes license for 5 users.

3.  Basecamp

The third application that you can use here is Basecamp. It is one really great and easy way to organize and share the files and at the same time coordinate a project. There are more than 1 million people around the world using Basecamp. Plus there are numerous features that are more than great and useful.As of 2011, the basic plan of Basecamp costs 24$/month.


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