How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Android Jelly Bean?

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Few months ago, the company Adobe decided to discontinue the support for Adobe Flash Player for the platform Android . Unfortunately, not all websites have switched to using HTML5 technology, and many of them use Flash. But what do you do if a site that you want to see still use Flash, but your device does not support this technology? Fortunately, the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, which appeared in the Google Play Store, may well work on devices that use the Android Jelly Bean . However, this version may not be available for your device, so it can be set only from an outside source. Prudent users are already taken care of that, to take one of the copies of the Flash Player, and make it available for manual installation.

Adobe Flash Player

Set up your device

To start, you need to make sure that third party applications can be installed on your device with Android OS Jelly Bean. To do this, open the “Settings”, go to the “Security” and make sure that the front of the item “Unknown sources” is checked. After the checkbox you will probably see a warning about installing third party applications. To continue, simply agree with this warning.

Install Adobe Flash Player

First of all we need to say that we are not responsible for the consequences of your actions. Installing applications from third party sources may be related to risk, so any manipulation of the device are at your own risk.

So, if you are ready to install, then proceed. In this topic You can find several versions of Flash Player. We recommend downloading the most current one: it can be distinguished by what was written in red letters the word ” NEW “, which stands in front of the file name and a link to it. You can download the Flash Player on your computer, and then copy it to the microSD card, which is installed in your Android smartphone, or download the program directly from your Google Android device. To install the software you will need to open the file manager and run the downloaded file.

Using Flash Player

Now the Flash Player installed on your device, you need a web browser that will support it. At the moment, the most stable player supports Mozilla Firefox and Dolphin. You may have already used to a different browser, but it’s not a problem. You can set one of the two browsers listed above, and to use it in case you need to open a site that uses Flash.

In the end, we note that Flash Player is a closed product and its use is completely controlled by Adobe. For example, other companies are not allowed to embed Flash Player in your browsers, without entering into an agreement with Adobe. Currently on the market there is only one browser (Google Chrome), has entered into such an agreement. But, fortunately, is now actively developing an open alternative that is fully capable to replace the Flash Player. It is HTML5. This technology is supported by all popular browsers, and many popular sites have switched to its use. In other words, the disappearance of Flash Player is only a matter of time, and regret it is not necessary, because such programs are an impediment to development.

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